Myers Briggs Type Indicator Text analyzer

Analyzes the cognitive functions used for a text according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Theory. A database with more than 20 thousand words combining the slang words, words and phrase constructions most used by each type of personality, obtained in forums and controlled blogs. Please keep in mind that this test does not serve as an MBTI personality test, most people fluctuate between two or more types depending on the situation or subject, people can change mental state, for example, an INTP personality type talking about the past can be typed as a type of personality that uses the cognitive function Si, since this test only evaluates the functions used in the text. In order to get an idea of what an individual's personality is, it is advisable to gather a considerable amount of text (500 to 1000 words for a decent analysis - 9000 for perfect) written by that person in order to discover their most used functions. Usually, you'd get a better result if you get the person to answer an open-ended question where they express an opinion. Constantly updating for more accurate results. Enjoy! (Note: It only works well with native English speaking people)

by g4mes543

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