Enneagram and Wing type text analyzer

Focusing purely on core or motivational drives of the person from each individual type alone, erasing any bit of archetypes or typically perceived common traits possible. Seeking a true objective enneagram type. Keep in mind, depending on the situation, subject matter, state of mind, emotion results could differ so keep it considerable and clear with around 2000+ for best accuracy usually open-ended, Biography, opinions, or something similar. (Disclaimer: This is not an enneagram test and don't define but a possibility analyzes enneagram and wing in order, updates time from time for better results and this shouldn't correlate or reconsider MBTI or any alternative type system) --- Examples of a few common stereotypes or traits being cut. 1: Ideal, logical, cold, strict, organized 2: Sociable, friendly, emotional, pleaser 3: Extroverted, charming, sociable, arrogant 4: emotional, introvert, creative, artistic, different 5: logical, intelligent, introvert, abstract, withdrawn 6: loyal, anxious, conventional, defenceless 7: Spontaneous, extrovert, adventurous carefree 8: Demanding, cold, controlling, extrovert 9: Passive, lazy, friendly, defenceless ---- Clarity of cores 1: Want to be internally moral, search the best option 2: Want to be loved, search criteria to be cared for 3: Want significance, special and importance 4: Want an identity/destiny to be satisfied with 5: Wants to be prepared for the environment’s criteria 6: Want clear direction, moment stability 7: Want comfort escape prolong suffering 8: Wants security of maintaining their life in control 9: Wants self/external peace with things kept

by ohubobubo

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