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Terms for using this web based service. Learn more...

Web API Docs


The uClassify core API designed to process high volumes of data, allows you to efficiently create, train and classify texts. Learn more...


Restful API that allows you to classify texts, really easy to get started with. Learn more...

Third party API libraries

Here is a collection of open source third party libraries that implements the uClassify APIs.
  1. uClassify Java-SDK by Nabeel Mukhtar
  2. uClassify Java library by Udaya Kumar
  3. uClassify Ruby gem by Manish Chakravarty
  4. uClassify PHP library by Ashwanth Kumar
  5. uClassify PHP library by Mark D. Thompson
  6. uClassify Python library by Sibi

Local Server Docs

This section only applies if you have installed a Local Classification Server your own computer. You can download the evaluation version for free!


The manual (pdf) contains installation and Api information. Also technical description is also available online.


A brief description about our classification engine. Learn more...