Web API Subscriptions

Using the web service is free up to 500 calls per day. If you exceed this number you can easily upgrade your account subscription. We currently offer a bunch of pricing plans for indie developer and larger companies.


Everyone can use our web service for free up to 500 calls per day.

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For individuals or companies with less than €100.000 revenue per year.

Small - 9€/month

5.000 calls/day

Medium - 29€/month

25.000 calls/day

Large - 49€/month

60.000 calls/day

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For high volume indivuduals or companies with more than €100.000 revenue per year.

Small - 99€/month

150.000 calls/day

Medium - 199€/month

400.000 calls/day

Large - 299€/month

800.000 calls/day

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Local Classification Server

One unique feature of uClassify is that you can get the server classification software to run on your own computer! If you have large amounts of data that needs to be classified you may want your own local classification server software. This will improve performance by cutting the cost of having to send data over Internet to our web api. Another advantage is that you have full control over the server.

With your own server license you can still create your own classifiers and be able to run large amounts of data through them - locally on your computer or server.

Here is a brief technical description | manual



For evaluation purposes to make sure that it fulfills your needs.

Download (32 and 64 bit)

eval license (pdf)



Getting started support

Install on 1 machine

Attribution required

indie license (pdf)



Getting started support

Install on 1 machine

pro license (pdf)



1 month support

Install on 4 machines

enterprise license (pdf)

*Indie is for individuals and small companies with less than €100.000 yearly revenue, companies with more revenue should use Professional or Enterprise licenses.

**None of the server licenses include classifiers seen on the site but some can be included upon request.

Academic/Custom license

I can offer free high volume accounts research and academic purposes, to obtain one please let me know your uClassify username and shortly describe what you plan to do. Also, if you are in need of even larger accounts, just let me know and I will sort it out.